One of the perks of living in this area is with no doubt the proximity to the ocean and the rugged beauty of the Northern California coast and famous Highway 1. Just an hour drive away from Mountain View, we love to explore the different beaches, spots and small towns and try to capture it in photos.


This last weekend we made it down to Davenport, a small town just north of Santa Cruz. It’s really just a few shops, a roadhouse, farms and a few galleries but it’s located right next to a few great photo spots. We’ve also spent some time at the Roadhouse which, despite the rather poor reviews on yelp, was a very pleasant experience. They got great coffee and we also had an easy and fresh dinner that was quite enjoyable. Besides that, the location is perfect, right next to the remaining pieces of the old Davenport pier and Shark Tooth Beach.

The beach is quite small and you can access it over a steep path down from the parking lot. Swimming might be a bit dangerous, the sea is rough there. There is a small tunnel cave that leads to a great spot to shoot the ocean and shark tooth rock. We shot most of our photos from here and also took a few from the cliffs. As you can see, it’s quite obvious where the beach got its name from. The rock really looks a lot like a shark’s tooth.

We were hoping for some nice sunset light but the weather changed quickly and it got quite cloudy. Ultimately though this turned the light and clouds into a stormy and mystical setting which we really liked. But we might come back again for some glowing sunset light again.