Utah - The Wild. The Mighty. The Red.

Treat the earth well, It was not given to you by your parents, It was loaned to you b y your children. Indian proverb

What is the first that comes to your mind when thinking about Utah? You guessed what most people think: Mormons. While this is certainly one of the things Utah is famous for all over the world, you're not giving it enough credit or would understand what this phenomenal state is all about. After traveling to and through Utah for a few times now, we can probably further guess why the Mormons picked this place to move to from upstate New York in 1844. We're not religious folks but driving through the nature and endless wilderness of Utah gives you a strong feeling of the divine powers that shaped this magnificent state.

The first thing you'll probably notice is the red earth. You'll see it, you'll carry it around and you'll enjoy it for weeks in your clothes and the most random spots in your photo gear. Utah is the land of the canyons, epic Nationalparks, native Indians, endless roads that seem to touch the horizon and hidden gems you will only find on your second, third or fourth trip there.

It's also hot, just plain hot. At least in the more crowded summer months while you meet a surprising high number of folks from Europe, especially Germans and French folks. In winter though, you'll be able to ski around Salt Lake City or take photos from snow-capped red mountains and canyons. Utah is always worth a trip and even more worth the 5 hours drive from buzzing Las Vegas.

House on Fire

August 20, 2014 House on Fire, Utah
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One of the less known but very special Southwest destinations – the “House on Fire” ruins in Utah..