Arizona - The Deserts. The Indians. The Monuments.

"Be still and the earth will speak to you. - Navajo Proverb

Arizona has some of the most breathtaking natural wonders and rural areas to explore, a lot of them managed by the descendants of the first humans habitating this area - the Navajo Indians.

You feel far far away from the glittering towers and fancy hotels in nearby Vegas when you're driving on never ending highways through the desert, passing Indian settlements and maybe even see a wild Mustang crossing the street.

The Wave, Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley - some of our most favorite places in the Southwest can be found here. Read more about these in the blog posts and share your own stories in the comments!

The Wave – Fifty Shades Of Red

July 19, 2014 Arizona, The Wave
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This magical place is hidden in the rugged backcountry around the Coyote Buttes in the Paria Wilderness in.