About us

We’re Matthias and Jana, German natives and residents of beautiful California. We’re living in the San Francisco Bay Area with our two adorable cats Luna and Pebble.

While we spend most of our time in our daytime jobs in Tech, the weekends and holidays are reserved for our trips in the American West. We’re big┬ánature and photography enthusiasts and try to spend as much time outdoors as possible. When we moved here from Germany, we were primarily excited about nearly 365 days of great weather but so little did we know about the stunning nature, wildlife and variety of the American West.

Our blog aims to share some of the beauty we were blessed to experience and to provide some advice for both visitors, tourists as also avid amateur photographers like us. We’ll share some recommendations on our favorite places, how to get there, places to stay/eat/play and some photography spots that shouldn’t be missed.

Leave your comments and feel free to send us a message, we’d appreciate your feedback! Matthias & Jana